Ale Bremer – The Diva Signet Ring

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4.3mm Emerald, 2.4mm Blue Sapphire and 2mm White Sapphire

Measurements: Top .5" w

The Muses Collection, ring inspired by María Félix
One of the most successful figures of Latin American cinema in the 1940s.

She was known as La Doña. She was one of the most successful figures of the Golden Age of Latin American cinema of the 40s and 50s.
Her life in the spotlight started when a director approached her on the street asking if she wanted to make movies which to she responded “When I want to, it will be through the big door”. Her taste for the finesse and her strong, fiery and bold personality garnered her the title of diva early in her career.
Félix would be projected on roles of temperamental tough and arrogant personalities, and was a sultry icon. She went on to make films in all over Europe and declined opportunities to launch her career in Hollywood stating they only typecast her with folkloric roles.
She had a prolific love life with painters, actors, writers, directors, composers, bankers and a bullfighter and was married 4 times. She was a muse for many important painters and songwriters of the era who immortalized her in their art.
She was a jewelry and fine antiques collector, Cartier created an exclusive collection inspired by her and for her.