Chaparral Studio: Upside Down Happy Face- Denim Tote

Chaparral Studio: Upside Down Happy Face- Denim Tote

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t is TOTE-ally cool to use this bag for just about anything since it is made out of durable denim! Perhaps your groceries, as a purse alternative, your picnic, baby needs, doggo needs - up to you! And our illustration of the upside down happy face will confuse all that look it. They will say BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? WAS THAT A MISTAKE? Or maybe just maybe they will be all like yeah that's cool. We are sure you will get all of the above reactions to this cool tote bag.

Tote bag measures 14 x 4 x 15 inches.
Made of lightweight soft denim.
The straps are a comfortable fit on your shoulder measuring 10 inches in length.
Can hold up to 30ish lbs (within reason).
Plus it features a small pocket inside to stash your small items and an elastic band so that you can roll up the bag into a compact bundle.

The graphic upside down happy face is hand silkscreened locally in Pasadena, California but our fellow Cal Arts alumni and buddy Antwon Jackson.
Keep in mind some variations & imperfections in the print are all part of its character.

Limited quantity. Made in small batches.