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Closet Refresh! 

We get so many questions about whether we do capsule wardrobes or closet clean outs and while we’d love to offer this year round; things are a bit busy on the day to day to have it as a permanent option [for now!]. 

In light of this, we’re offering TEN closet clean outs for the holiday season / new year refresh. 

What it looks like:

+Kait, founder and buyer of Salchicha, will do a Zoom meeting with you in your closet to look at what you have and work through editing and updating. 
+After the closet clean out, we’ll analyze your day to day and what makes sense for you and your lifestyle in building a new wardrobe. 
+Next, we’ll get a capsule wardrobe in place through Salchicha

There are two options: 

+$1000 worth of retail includes our complimentary closet refresh and capsule plan 
+Over $1000 of retail includes our complimentary closet refresh, capsule plan and 10% off your entire order.

Our goal with this one time deal is to simplify your life by having solid outfit options for any occasion. 

To purchase, visit our Gift Card Section and purchase ‘Closet Refresh / Capsule’. The total is $1000 upfront and that will be applied to your retail spend. 

Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email to setup your appointment with Kait for the closet refresh. 

We can’t wait to work with you! Xx