Wax Buffalo- x : Pink Prosecco

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lemon, bergamot, bubbly, blackberry, vanilla, gin, pomelo
the most delicious cocktail inspired candle scents poured in our sustainable and reusable clear whiskey tumblers. 

i was like this would be so cute with an X on it. i WANT an X on it. so i mocked up a prototype and i think i even posted it to stories...like anyone agree?! ⁠

and oh my gosh you did! they've turned into such a staple in our line and the sustainability and gift-ability of them makes them even more magical. ⁠

NOW... each of these glasses contain one of my very favorite drinks. filled to the brim with an elixir that takes me back to the happiest moments with my near and dear. six scents created in quarantine in collaboration with friends from a distance. created again, with a whiskey in hand. ⁠

i'm obsessed. ⁠

i've never been super good at creating a campaign and just running. i feel like every great product i've created comes on slow, moves around a bit, flexes, adjusts and then settles. i like it that way. i like it my way. it's slower but it comes with so much more story. ⁠

it's here though... i feel the settling process happening with these beauties and it just feels right. they're perfect. they're home.