Montana Territory Hat Company — One of a Kind Hat

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Hand made in Bozeman, Montana. 

"The American West has always held my heart.  I am endlessly inspired by the elements of this wild landscape.  To me Montana has always symbolized freedom, hope, resilience, and work ethic.  It is a place that is at once wild, rugged and raw and yet utterly peaceful; rich in unrivaled beauty, history, art, and culture.  I am constantly humbled by my surroundings and this place that I get to call home. 

When I started The Montana Territory Hat Company, I committed to an iconic product that represented a sense of place and time.   Heritage Inspired.  Of the West. 

I believe in product that feels like art.   Classic designs, quality construction, thoughtful details, built with a sense of pride and purpose.  Something Inspired by the past, to be lived in and loved today, and passed on to future generations. 

The Cowboy Hat is perhaps the most timeless and iconic symbol of the American West.  I do not believe any other item has the potential to evoke the same sense of pride, purpose, and individual style. Some things do get even better with age.   

I build every hat by hand one step at a time in my studio in Bozeman, Montana escaping occasionally with my two little kids to our family ranch to ride horses and help work cattle under the expanse of the Bridger Mountain Range and the big Montana sky."