Nade - Naturally Dyed Maze Block Printed Bandana Tan + Terracotta

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Throughout Maggie’s travels in India back is 2006-2007, she collected antique wood carved blocks for block printing. Now they are being honored & utilized in these naturally dyed bandanas. These bandanas look like they have been found in a time capsule. They are a tribute to crafting the slow way, hands carved the blocks, hands stirred the natural dye bath, hand cut & sewed the cotton, and hands intentionally placed each block. DETAILS: organic cotton 23.5 inches by 23.5 inches 3 natural dye color options TAN & TERRACOTTA - naturally dyed with myrabalan & catechu BLUSH & TAN - naturally dyed with sandalwood & onion skins LIGHT & DARK BLUE - naturally dyed with indigo DISCLAIMER: This item is a testament to handmade goods and slow craft. There maybe inconsistencies with the printing or variation in colors from natural dyeing. However it is all those inconsistencies are part of the narrative of slow textiles and intentional goods. Hands made these goods not machines or chem
Made in United States of America