Organic Knits Plus Stars in Coal

Organic Knits Plus Stars in Coal

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Finally, little shoes that will stay on your baby's feet! Gentle ankle elastic keeps them on their little toes without being too snug. Shoes are fully lined with super soft velour, perfect for wear with or without socks. A stylish way to keep your little ones feet cozy! Handmade in Bozeman, Montana

Each item is carefully hand-cut and sewn one at a time to ensure premium quality.


Size: XS
Shoe Size: 00 to 0
Child's Foot Length: To 9 cm or 3-5/8in
Shoe Length: 10 cm or 4in
Shoe Width: 5 cm or 2in

Shoe Size: 0 to 1
Child's Foot Length: To 10 cm or 4in
Shoe Length: 11cm or 4-3/8in
Shoe Width: 5.5cm or 2-1/4in

Size: Medium
Shoe Size: 1-1/2 to 2-1/2
Child's Foot Length: To 11cm or 4-3/8in
Shoe Length: 12 cm or 4-3/4in
Shoe Width: 6cm or 2-3/8in