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Palo Santo, or Holy Wood, is a healing tree that grows in South America. It's part of the citrus family and when you burn it it gives off sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon thanks to the essential oils.

Because it's believed to be energetically balancing, cleansing and healing, reduce stress and relieve headaches and anxiety, Palo Santo is a highly demanded product today. We are very proud to only sell Palo Santo that is ethically sourced. Our community farmers only collect parts from already fallen down trees and branches. They don’t and they can’t cut trees. The wood is stored for minimum 5 years before sold, so the oils in the tree has enough time to mature. The only way for Palo Santo to carry scent and holistic benefits is by naturally ageing after it dries. After the minimum time has been reached, our community artisans carve the wood by hand to obtain smaller logs and sticks that we then select. Each stick is made by hand. In the dry woods of Peru there are several areas protected by the Forestry Administration that only authorise native communities like ours to responsibly use the excess of wood from the Bursera Graveolens species.

The community providing our Palo Santo gets well payed, so they have time to hand carve every stick (do not use machine cut tree please, please) and allow the oil to mature. Without those qualities you loose the benefits of this Holy Wood.

By purchasing our sustanable and ethical Palo Santo you help protect the Palo Santo tree and Peruvian handicrafts.

Burn with care.