Tradlands - Field Chore Jacket

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Is there anything better than a broken-in women’s chore coat with ample room for layering? We think not. Introducing our stand-out style of the season, the Field Chore Coat. We scoured vintage racks and our dad’s closets, all in the name of designing the perfect cool-weather essential. The Classic Denim is made with 100% cotton with the perfect amount of wash and wear the first time you put it on. The Mesa is designed in a vintage window-pane style made with a wool blend that adds warmth and texture. The Chore Coat is the ultimate trifecta of heritage, timelessness, and functionality. Inspired by men’s workwear, the numerous pockets and extra-thick matte buttons blend in for a sleek, minimal, and elegant look. This one is a lover of layers - you’ll want to dress it up and down.