Y is for Yak

Y is for Yak

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Introduce your little one to these shaggy, long-horned creatures! This gorgeously illustrated children’s book teaches kids yak-related first words beginning with the letter Y.

Get ready to meet the mighty yak! The friendly, read-aloud text and exciting illustrations will capture the attention of young nature-lovers in no time. Babies and toddlers will love learning new words about yaks while practicing their Y letter sound. This baby book is ideal for promoting early learning and language development.

Y is for years! Did you know that yaks can live up to 25 years! Packed with bright pictures and short text, this engaging animal book provides curious kids with lots to talk about and look at!

Explore the Unique World of Yaks

Prepare your child for the magic of reading! Filled with simple, playful facts, Y is for Yak is the perfect ABC book for toddlers aged 0-3 years. They’ll learn that young yaks are called calves,  that they live high up on mountains, and that they're kept as farm animals for producing yak milk. It’s a must-have for every young child’s library!

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