Kait Costanti

Owner + Buyer of Salchicha

Fave gift to give: An Experience! 

To receive: Fancy Jewels 

Fave brand in shop: Toughie! Flamingo Estate, Gjenmi, Brightland

Best trip: Nepal - a 3 week trek! 

Fave drink in winter: London fog but sub Earl Grey for Peppermint or a rich, Italian red paired with a stew. 

Drink in summer: Aperol Spritz or Sparkling Water w/ Cucumber + Mint 

MAMa Sally

Kait's mom + Shop Girl

Fave gift to give: remembering someone’s want list and surprising them

To receive: Self care treatment

Fave brand in shop: Amo Denim

Best trip: circumventing the world in 3 months

Drink in winter: Hot macha latte

Drink in summer: margarita


Assistant Buyer + Shop Manager

Fave gift to give: books, Kate McLeod body stones, scented candles from Tatine and Archivist Saint No matches

To receive: gift cards because I love to browse and explore new local shops

Fave brand in the shop: AMO everything, esp. the Frida jeans—shoutout long legged gals ;)

Best trip: any trip back home to CO—nothing like skiing your hometown mountain, grabbing a bite at all your favorite old spots + hanging with childhood friends

Drink in winter: cappuccino

Drink in summer: spicy marg


Stylist + Shop Girl

Fave gift to give: Useful and thoughtful items or experiences, something that makes them feel heard and loved…Or their favorite dessert (;

To receive: Handwritten letters and self-care experiences like massage, dinner etc.

Fave brand in the shop: Too many to choose from!  Bellerose, Wol Hide + Flamingo Estate!

Best trip: does it count if life feels like a vacation? Tie between a month in South Africa and road tripping through Oregon, Idaho and Utah. #vanlife

Drink in winter: Love a dairy-laden-French-style-hot-chocolate with real whipped cream.

Drink in summer: Mango Margarita with lots of salt or a dreamy botanical mocktail.


Stylist + Shop Girl

Fave gift to give: An experience! The memories last a lifetime.

To receive: Anything pampering! Mani, pedi, massage, facial...

Fave brand(s) in the shop: AMO and Maiami

Best trip: Kauai and Mumbai

Fave drink on a hot (or cold) day: English breakfast tea with milk and sugar…..and, let’s be honest….diet Coke.


Merchandiser + Shop Girl

Fave gift to give + receive: flowers

Fave brand in the shop: Wol Wide + Amo denim

Best trip: NYC for my 60th

Drink in winter: Ginger tea

Drink in summer: Fountain Coke with lots of ice